Packaging coordinator

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HBO / Associate degree
3000 – 3600

Wat ga je doen? technische vacature Packaging coordinator

Job Description

As a packaging coordinator you are responsible to set up a list of requirements (packaging performance specification) for the product to be packed. This includes a packaging proposal. All of these requirements are well-substantiated and cross-sectoral agreed.

The packaging development is outsourced to an external party. As packaging coordinator your task is to coordinate the project from the first design review until the final implementation release for volume.

Your key tasks are:

  • Determine and align packaging requirements cross-sectional.
  • Monitor if all the requirements are met.
  • Assure that the design complies with the H&T strategy.
  • Be the first contact person for projects and co-developers.
  • Supervision of individual (outsourced) projects.
  • Monitor individual planning for each project.
  • Assure quality standards are met (review designs and tests).
  • A packaging coordinator is typically responsible for 15 to 25 projects. All in different phases.

Wat verwachten wij van jou? technische vacature Packaging coordinator


Bachelor in one of the following studies: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Management.


  • Broad technical knowledge and interest of mechanics, safety, ergonomics and logistics.
  • Some years of experience and affinity with packaging.
  • Experience of working in multidisciplinary design teams.

Personal skills

  • Communicative: Make facts, ideas and/or opinions clear to others, by using clear and correct
  • language, gestures and non-verbal communication. You are able to adapt the subject to the
  • listener.
  • Organized: Determine goals and priorities in an effective way. Plan and pro-active monitor the
  • necessary time, actions and action holders to achieve the goal.
  • Collaborative: Contribute to a joint result through optimal coordination between one's own
  • qualities and interests and those of a group or colleague.
  • Convincingly: convincing others to get approval for plans, concepts and/or proposals.
  • Decisive: Dare to take decisions or actions, even when not all knowledge is available with regard to the consequences and / or alternatives.
  • Fluent English in word and in writing (Dutch is a pre)

Context of the position

The sector Development & Engineering (D&E) of ASML is responsible for the specification, design and realization of the products in the ASML portfolio. Within the sector D&E the department Mechanical Development (MDEV) is responsible for the definition, realization and qualification of mechanical functions and modules within these products.

You are situated in the H&T packaging department within the previously mentioned D&E and MDEV cluster and sector.

You have to secure the competence, vision and strategy according to H&T guidelines.

As packaging coordinator you are allocated to one or (max) two different module project team(s). You support this team to guide the packaging development from A to Z. You will report to your H&T manager (group lead),

• Bi-weekly meeting team lead

• Bi-weekly meeting PackCo and Lead PackCo

• 8-weekly meeting team lead and group lead

Waar ga je werken?


Can you independently function as a project coordinator and smoothly run about 20 packaging projects at the same time? Do you like to work in a multi-disciplinary team? Share and convince your ideas about the best integral packaging solutions with the team? Be the first point of contact for your ASML colleagues related to packaging? Be the sparring partner for the farm-out development parties related to packaging? Then the job as packaging coordinator might be the right one!

Job Mission

As a packaging coordinator you are working in the packaging team of the handling and transport (H&T) department. The packaging team is responsible for all system shipment packaging, and all relevant service and tool packaging. Packaging requests deviate from simple cardboard boxes up to complex constructions providing damping systems to protect the fragile parts of ASML. As packaging coordinator you are the spider in the web and binding factor between the (internal) customer at ASML and the codevelopers, and make sure the right packaging is defined and on time for first shipment!

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