Project Engineer

Teqoia zoekt een Project Engineer in OEVEL

HBO / Associate degree

Wat ga je doen? technische vacature Project Engineer

- To design and realize the investments in accordance with the applicable standards and norms, the safety, environmental and quality requirements and considering cost/quality relations and required schedule.

- Assist the production departments in making the investment proposal document according to the ISO-procedures, make the budget, control and guide the detailed engineering and procurement of the investment, and coordinate construction and commissioning.

- Coordinates the works for his projects towards E&I, I&C, DCS, piping and civil designers, construction supervision, maintenance, SHEQ and the production departments.

Reports to the senior engineering specialist.

Contact with contractors, suppliers, inspection companies, authorities, maintenance and all departments in KB.

Main responsibilities and tasks:

In this function he has to control and guide the mechanical, civil, piping, E&I, utility etc. of new installations and modifications in order to verify that the design is done accordingly to the requirements, the latest techniques, the quality standards, the safety and environmental requirements.

To follow up and keep up to date the procedures from the ISO system and the safety management system.

To keep good contacts with other departments via communication and information in order to find the best way to solve problems and implement continuous improvements.

To consider the safety aspect as a first priority for improvements, modifications, drawings, etc.

Executes all activities by taking into account the guidelines written in the procedures of the management system quality, environment and safety (=technical procedures, standard operation procedures, working instructions, safety procedures, etc.) with concern to investment jobs.

To specify and select equipment, materials, systems, etc. considering the future, the applications, the requirements, the standards, the quality, the safety and environment and the price in order to obtain a reliable, safe, maintenance friendly and cost justified design.

To select contrators based on experience, reliability, quality, safety performance and cost in order to assure a good realization according to our requirements for the best price.

To control the construction schedules for investment works in order to keep the schedule within time.

Assist in the preparation and coordination of the shut down schedule for investment works and arrange materials and manpower in order to execute the shut down works in the scheduled time and within the budget.

Initiates the immediate correction of each observed deviation of the prescribed guidelines.

Informs his/her superior inmediately of each observerd deviationof these guidelines if he/she can not correct it by him/herself.

Initiates a written reporting of all necessary and useful information defined in the management system and initiates the necessary reporting forms (e.g. NCR, CAR, IPR, accident report, incident report, near accident report, etc.)

He/she also guarantees the investigation of the causes of the established deviations and for the definition of the preventive measures therefore.

Wat verwachten wij van jou? technische vacature Project Engineer

- Engineer or equivalent by experience.

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Dirk Gypen
Teqoia Antwerpen
+32 3 233 16 63
Noorderlaan 147 bus 17



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